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New Product Requests

No activity may take place at your stall other than those activities listed on and approved via your original your registration form.

Any change or additions must receive prior permission from the Market Manager.


Its usual for a new business to develop, and occasionally traders will wish to add additional products to their range. If you wish to add additional products, please complete the ‘New product request form’.

This additional request will be considered, and you will be updated of the outcome. You may not sell the additional products unless you have received written approval



Provide as much information as possible about your new products to avoid delays and include photographs.

Don't make requests to add products which aren't ready for market yet however feel free to discuss upcoming new products with us.

Do  the new products meet our trading criteria

Ensure the new products meet our criteria, refer back to the traders handbook for the trading criteria and tell us how they meet the criteria. 


Are your new products included in your current product liabiltiy insurance - if they aren't you may also have to notify your insurance provider.

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